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    Comments posted to this topic are about the item IDENTITY INSERT

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    Nice question for the middle of the week - thank you

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  • demonfox


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    nice question ..

    I remember someone asked me this question , I was quite confused and my guess was the default ..

    apparently when I tested I did work..

    thanks for the question..

    ~ demonfox
    Wondering what I would do next , when I am done with this one :ermm:

  • Terry300577

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    Nice question

  • Arthur Olcot


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    Great question.. I nearly fell into the trap of selecting answer two by not reading the question properly! Thanks.

  • Stuart Davies


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    Good question - thanks.

    Glad I took time to have the 2nd coffee before answering though

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    Thanks for the nice, easy question :-). I say it easy because I have seen it many times, on Paul Randal has used this (INSERT INTO TableName DEFAULT VALUES) in many of his excellent articles :cool:.

    Sujeet Singh

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  • Raghavendra Mudugal


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    🙂 (...all that I had)

    ww; Raghu
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  • (Bob Brown)


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    Thank you for the thought provoking (for me at least) question!

  • Andre Guerreiro


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    I still don't get it. What does he mean by "insert the value"? :ermm:

    Best regards,

    Andre Guerreiro Neto

    Database Analyst

  • Toreador


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    Is it me, or does the "explanation" for (1) just repeat the incorrect syntax used in the question?

    "IDENTITY_INSERT is used to set identity of a particular table. SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON/OFF "

  • (Bob Brown)


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    Toreador (9/27/2012)

    Is it me, or does the "explanation" for (1) just repeat the incorrect syntax used in the question?

    "IDENTITY_INSERT is used to set identity of a particular table. SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON/OFF "

    I think the explanation is incomplete. The table name should be specified in the SET INDENTITY_INSERT tablename ON/OFF command.

  • sknox


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    1. Query 1 fails because there are no values provided to INSERT.

    2. Query 2 fails because the syntax for SET IDENTITY_INSERT requires a table name.

    3. Query 3 succeeds because DEFAULT VALUES instructs SQL Server to insert the identity vale.

    4. Query 4 fails because VALUES (DEFAULT) does not work for identity columns.

    The answer should have included a reference to INSERT ( for completeness to explain why 1 and 4 fail while 3 succeeds.

    Otherwise, a pretty good question.

  • Dana Medley


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    Thanks for that sknox and thanks for the great question. I nearly fell into the Identity Insert trap and was about to select it before I took a second look and realized what it was missing.

    Everything is awesome!

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