How to Access SSIS Remotely

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  • Thanks a lot! Great article!

  • Thanks for the tip!

    Would you consider it to be a best practice to further limit the securtiy to exclude the Users group from Local Activation and only add the specific users (if not in the Administrators group) that should have access to launch?

  • Thanks. Very useful article, I added it to my SSIS favorites so I didn't have to memorize it.

  • I do not understand the extra entry in MsDtsSrvr.ini.xml. Can you explan this some more.

    I also thought the entry:

    <Folder xsi:type="SqlServerFolder">




    meant the <Name> was the MSDB database name and you have MSDB SQL1 and SQL2.

    I am confusing.

    By the way, great meeting you in New York for SQLSaturday. Good luck with your company.



    Thomas LeBlanc, MVP Data Platform Consultant

  • Does anyone know if this article has been removed? The link to it appears to be broken or else the article is missing.


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