How many system endpoints are available in SQL Server 2005?

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  • Thank you for the question. I tossed my 5-sided coin and got the right answer, then read up on endpoints. gives a good description of endpoints.

  • Apparently trusted the wrong reference on MSDN:

    as this gives a list of 6 automatically created endpoints...

    Thanks for the question and for teaching me to doubt any of the Microsoft online resources any time. :Whistling:

  • I had never heard of endpoints, but apparently my BOL reference was better than Michael's 🙂 I did get it correct.

    Thanks for question - learned something new today.


  • I love questions that make me do a little reading to brush up on weak areas. Thanks.

  • Nice question. No idea why this stuck in my head without review or research.

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  • Thanks Jason...! Actually, I was configuring a "Database Mirroring" once, so thought to post the question to the Group! 🙂


  • Thanks for the question, though I find it interesting that BOL has conflicting information.

  • Thanks for the question ... I read up a little about endpoints from Microsoft's site and came across only the Dedicated Admin Endpoint that is created automatically. I selected 1 as the answer, and you can bet I was wrong!

    I should have read till the end of the article before answering the question 🙂

  • I'll disagree and say 6:

    Shared Memory

    Named Pipes





  • Dear Lynn

    In your query analyser, after executing the below query, are u able to see the result as 6?

    select name, endpoint_id from sys.endpoints where endpoint_id < 65536

    I think TCP port is ideally termed as HTTP Endpoints and widely used in writing web methods.

    Apologies if I am wrong..!



  • I chose 4 as I forgot about DAC. Good question.

  • To add to the confusion, here is a BOL page that states there is always exactly one system endpoint: sys.endpoints. On the same page, it also states "An endpoint with an ID less then 65536 is a system endpoint", which in my case was 5. I guess it depends on how you interpret the word "system".


  • UMG Developer (7/27/2010)

    Thanks for the question, though I find it interesting that BOL has conflicting information.

    No, there isn't conflicting information in BoL, just careless reading of BoL information. The list of 6 endpoint types includes HTTP endpoints, and it is clearly stated in the paragraph immediately after the list that all HTTP endpoints are user created not system (default) endpoints (and don't show up in SQL Server Configuration Manager); each of the other 5 types has one system endpoint created during instance installation whether or not the relevant protocol is enabled (not all protocols are enabled on installation), and these 5 are the only system endpoints of the instance.

    Since I tend to favour web services as a way of getting from client to server in some circumstances and TCP in others the first endpoint types that sprang to mind were HTTP and TCP so I counted two there and then added one each for shared memory, named pipes, VIA and DAC to get six, forgetting that HTTP doesn't count because there is no system http endpoint, and ending up with the wrong answer - no points for me this time, although I not only should but also do know better.


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