Free Tools for the SQL Server DBA

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    David Bird

  • Hi ... my name Eko from Indonesia

    Thanx U for your free tools list



  • Hi,

    I just wont to put one free tool. I just can't live without it.

    This tool search within sql server objects.


  • Really usefull ! SQLInForm will be especially usefull for me.

    Another free tool I find extremely usefull for scripting table data is SQLScripter :

    Can really save some time and has a great interface - requires the .NET runtime.

  • two additions (to a useful list):

    1. SQuirreL - a true multi platform SQL Client. Supports SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Sybase,Informix, Excel, text files, and more....from ONE interface. It's not the ideal tool, but it is good, easy to use, great (free) support and if you're working with different databases, there is nothing else around that I know of...

    2. Forget Yahoo - though an improvement over MSN, it's a million miles away from GMail (which includes integrated chat window)

  • I think it's pretty good, but a couple of other additions that are useful:

    The microsoft health and history monitoring tool.... it's pretty slick and is very helpful when it comes to monitoring your servers health.


  • The tools that I have tried out from here are awsome - Especially the link with the 46 best free -> Quite nice for someone who ventures out of just the DBA tasks.

    One thing though : I can't access the fullsun link

    Is there an alternative link??

  • Working tools, GOOD

    FREE working tools, better!!


  • Excellent article, thanks David for taking the time to create it!  I've only used one or two of these, looking forward to trying the others.

    Steve Brokaw

  • Here are some more free tools that I use a DBA. You can google the names to get the to the web sites.

    DTSBackup2000 - Backup and restore DTS packages. Easy and fast

    SQL Recon - Scan the network for SQL servers. Great to see if you have new SQL servers that you didn't know about

    Scuba - Free db assessment tool from Imperva

    Visustin - Creates flow chart from sql scripts and many other languages likc VB, .NET. C#, Java, etc

    SQL Digger - Allows to to search for anything within DBs

    DumpSQLSec - Audits / reports on users roles, permissions, etc

    Hope you enjoy them!



  • I'm not sure how it compares to ExamDiff, but I like KDiff3 -

  • Be carefull when using the sysinternals handle executable as part of a SQL Server Job. For more details see:

    Formum post but noone has replied:

    SQL Server 2000 has an Agent service that can run jobs that can perform file manipulation and a frequent problem is that the file is open by another process. An example is a job to perform database backups which also deletes prior backups that are older than a specified criteria. I have set up a SQL Server jobs that runs handle.exe when the database backup job step fails.

    Handle version 3.02 works fine but handle v3.20 cause the SQL Server job to hang, that is, the SQL Server Job status is executing and it never finishes. This hang does not occur when handle is run as a windows scheduled task.

    SQL = Scarcely Qualifies as a Language

  • Is there a freeware utility that will scan the network for SQL servers to see if there are any SQL servers not properly licensed?



  • One tool I've found absolutely critical is the ability to format and write SQL - in other words - an editor.

    The one I use is Context.  It's free and provides color highlighting for SQL and many other languages.  It's available from

    It's fast, and it works well, and I've written some scripts to help me load it quickly, passing the filename as a parameter.  I've also associated the .SQL extension with it, so double-clicking on the file sends it to Context rather than to ISQL/OSQL/etc.


    Timothy J. Bruce

  • SQLRecon - see my earlier post It will display the versions of sql it found on your network


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