Free Tools for the SQL Server DBA

  • I ran SQLRecon.  I get a scan result like the following sample:

    how do you tell if the SQL server is licensed? 


  • The product will show the version number. Nothing will tell you if it's registered to you

    or you company


  • SQLServerToolKit is an amazing tool. Toad for SQL Server is also a useful tool. Thanks a million David for sharing these tools.


  • SQLSpy from HybridX (

  • Thanks for all the feed back on the article.  I enjoyed reading about the additional free tools available and your comments on the article. I can't wait to give these other tools a try.


    I did take a quick look at the open source tool KDiff3 mentioned by cowboy_k.  The tool works great for scripts created by SQL Server 2005 Management Studio.  Examdiff was unable to compare these scripts because it would treat them as binary files.  KDiff3 has another nice feature.  When it finds differences between files, only the differences are highlighted instead of the entire line.



    Carlo, you should be able to access the link  I am unaware of any alternative link.

    David Bird

  • David,

    Thanks for good article.


    My Blog

  • Hello

    great article; thanks for the effort you have put to deliver this.

    as for the zip utility I faced the same issue with files larger than 4GB; I am using winRAR, great tool in my opinion.


    Mohammad O. Ali

  • Nice article, here's a list of free/open source tools I've used:

    Quest Comparison Suite for SQL Server -- Free version

    DBDesigner4 -- ( Data modeling tool generates MySQL scripts from diagrams, small change to make scripts SQL Server compliant.

    ClearTrace (

    SQLQueryStress (

    Sherlock Block Monitor (

    A decent Terminal Services Connection manager is RoyalTS (

    sqlpal -- Light weight Oracle query total that doesn't require messing with tns files. (

    GnuWin32 ports of grep, sed tr, paste, cut, etc.

    Sourceforge hosted tools:

    WinDirStat -- For finding and visualizing what's using space on servers. Doesn't need to be installed on server. I run with it \\servername\driveletter$ from my workstation

    WinMerge -- For comparing files

    Password Safe -- encrypted password keeper.

    PDFCreator -- create a pdf document from any program

  • Thanks for all the useful info.

    Wondering if there is a DBA tool available for retrieving SQL password for database logins? Thanks.

  • I don't think I've seen Clear Trace on anyone's list...

    I use it every couple of months... very easy to use, and provides very valuable information regarding Prolile trace files

    ClearTrace imports SQL Server 2000 and 2005 trace (and profiler) files into SQL Server and displays summary performance information.  It is designed to provide the same performance summary as Read80Trace but in a graphical environment and for SQL Server 2005.

    Todd Carrier
    MCITP - Database Administrator (SQL 2008)
    MCSE: Data Platform (SQL 2012)

  • also, Siccolo - free tool for SQL Server management from mobile device.

    at :

    • Start/Stop SQL Server Agent
    • Start/Stop/Restart SQL Server Job
    • View SQL Server Job Information - steps, schedule, execution history 
    • View Available Databases and Database Objects 
    • Restart SQL Server 
    • Execute SQL Command and view "select command" results 
    • View SQL Server Event Logs (Application, System etc) 
    • Run SQL Query window (with semi-automated Insert/Update/Delete/Select Statements) Open/Save SQL Scripts in multiple tabs Save/Email results
    • Explore SQL Server Browse databases and database objects (tables/views/stored procedures)
    • Browse/Manage SQL Server jobs
    • Browse/Manage windows services (start/stop) View event logs (Application, System) 

    all from mobile device! 

    Got SQL Server? Manage It with Siccolo

  • Check out:



  • Hey DatabaseWorkBench is not free. I think we are looking for free tools, but not bad product for the price.


  • Here's one more: Try

    • Generates DML scripts (Insert/Update/Delete) in T-SQL
    • Export data to text/csv
    • Quick Download functionality for reporting srevices files



  • Two more free tools that may be helpful:

    SQLpermissions: Creates a T-SQL script to automitically move or copy SQL Server logins & permissions

    SQLsafe Freeware: Free SQL Server backup

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