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  • '%_Old%' won't find what you intend it to find. The underscore means "any character". The literal value needs to be '%[_]Old%'.

  • One hiccup I've encountered using dm_db_index_usage_stats happens when I recently checked the table by doing a select.  Suddenly I had a user_scan not related to production usage.

    I try to remember to run this query before exploring the table.

    A second approach was suggested in another blog (I have lost the reference).  The writer defined a process whereby a job runs periodically, adding a record to a log table if there had been activity since the last time the dm_db_index_usage_stats query had been run.

    Russel Loski, MCSE Business Intelligence, Data Platform

  • hi All,

    When maintenace tables is running it will update stats in these DMV, that is not a production usage , we can't eliminate it , so we can't declare the table is unsed.

    for me we need to configure a audit per table ( lock shared for example , extend events ,..)

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