• Sean Lange (9/18/2012)

    Nice back to basics question. I am astounded that at the time of my posting there are 111 (14%) that answered this wrong. I can understand those that answered 3 because they may have not known the default was case insensitive, but the ones that answered none is amazing. It seems we can't review the basics enough.

    Well done Lokesh, looking forward to your next submission.

    Thanks for the appreciation Sean. Even I winked my eyes looking at the numbers who marked "None" as the option :hehe:

    ~ Lokesh Vij

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  • Good question.......

    where main consideration is - The default collation setting for SQL Server is Case Insensitive

  • This was a tricky one especially for those of us who take these questions literally. As 6 would be the answer if the question was posted towards sql 2008+ versions none would be the answer in a pre-2008 environment due to the lack of support for multi-row inserts. So there are two valid answers to this question of the day "none" and "6".

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