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  • Nice question to end the week ............

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • bitbucket-25253 (9/26/2013)

    Nice question to end the week ............

    +1 🙂

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  • nice question,,,, learned something.

  • Didn't even have to think for this one. Which is nice for a Friday 😀

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  • Koen Verbeeck (9/26/2013)

    Didn't even have to think for this one. Which is nice for a Friday 😀

    Same here. After long long time, I didn't had to think twice. Happy weekend. Cheers... 🙂

  • Don't often use FILESTREAM so was nice to h ave to go and do some 'forced' reading on it.


    Hope this helps...

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  • Perfect qotd and explanation.


  • Easy one. Thanks.

    Just to close the gaps, the option should have been VARBINARY(MAX) instead of just VARBINARY because anything else like VARBINARY(N) {N being a natural number up to 8000} won't work but the explanation covers it nicely. 🙂

    create table #t(i VARBINARY(8000) FILESTREAM)

    Incorrect syntax near 'FILESTREAM'.

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  • reminds me of a session at this years SQLBits 🙂

  • What I found even more interesting:

    "The standard varbinary(max) limitation of 2-GB file sizes does not apply to BLOBs that are stored in the file system."

    The file size is then, as I understood, only restricted by NTFS. Which could mean: We are already able to store documents bigger than 2 GB into SQL Server. THAT was the most interesting thing for me!

    That might explain why NVARCHAR(max) or VARCHAR(max) does not apply: It is not implemented for those data types. Wouldn't be necessary anyway, I know.

    Nice question, Steve: Thanks!

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  • "FILESTREAM, of course" has 11%, so that was a bit sneaky!

  • +1 to the excellent question comments 🙂

  • This was one of the SQL Server questions in the MS Exams when I wrote it few years ago 🙂

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