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  • I would not like a 24-hour, ShipIt day once a quarter. I've heard of hackathons doing a 24-hour thing, maybe 30 hours. But that's once a year, which to me is more acceptable.


  • I agree with Doctor Who 2... I can see a once-a-year event where we try to do something quick, push the limits and see what we can learn. However, if you have staff who have obligations -- kids, parents being cared for -- that must be taken into account. And some people just don't like extracurricular work mandates, however "optional" they're portrayed. You cannot force these things on staff or you are creating resentment instead of an opportunity to learn something. Too many companies get in this "rah rah" company thing and don't consider the implication to their people.

  • It seems to me that if a company wants to really be effective (especially a software company), innovation shouldn't be limited to just 1 day or 1 week during working hours.  And, no... I'm not talking about the event or the company that has one... I'm talking about the people that actually work at the company. 😉

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