Connect to a SQL Server through a proxy

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    i have an application which connects to of course an SQL Server. The SQL is a shared service, thus i don't manage it but i have access to the db the app is using as owner. Now, these two machines(SQL and App server) are on the cloud and i can have access only on the app server with RDP and i can install stuff there. I need a way to reach the SQL Server from an internet IP passing through the app server which is the only one i have control. The idea basically to use some kind of proxy to be installed on the app server.

    Now the question is, is doable? consider also that i need read only access on the tables and views of the db. Which software to use? Any feedback on this kind of configuration? What could go wrong?


    thank you

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • i used th ewindows built-in proxy and it works great!

  • evald wrote:

    i used th ewindows built-in proxy and it works great!


    Thanks for posting the solution that you found for your own question.  It's going to help others, for sure.

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