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  • Very good question and good explanation.

  • Good! I will try!


  • Awesome question and nice explanation..

    Thanks Steve.

  • Good question!

    I went for the first option and got it wrong and still don't know why?

    I then run two profilers for the following query:

    USE master


    SELECT * FROM sysdatabases;


    and got the query on both of them.



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  • Nice question!

    As per BOL


    Note that the Central Management Server cannot be a member of a group that it maintains.

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  • Steve, good question.


  • I got the right answer for the wrong reason. Since you did not say you added the first server to the group, I figured it would not run there. I did not know the CMS could not be part of the group it hosts.

  • Well I was wrong, but at least I was in the majority.

  • Thanks for the question. I like the suggestion in the reference to run CMS on a development box. Another reference I found explicitly suggested using a developer version to save a license. Thoughts on that?

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  • If you really need to add the Central Management Server to a group that it maintains there is a work around to do that.

    You can begin a New Server Registration to an existing group as usual, but instead of entering the instance name, enter the IP address of the server. You will have slightly different behaviors when executing queries against that server though. When you start a new query from only that registered server the status bar will show the IP address rather than instance name. However, you run a query against the group the result set will show the server name.

  • Actually you can add SQLSales1 to the group, but you have to use a different way of addressing it.

    So for example if you know that SQLSales1 is listening on port 2001, you can add it as SQLSales1,2001. Change the second field in the New Registered Server dialog back to SQLSales1 and it will be still be displayed under the group using that name.

    EDIT: Ha - I see shawnjohnson just beat me to it!

  • I never used this feature - this QotD sent me to TechNet. Thanks, Steve!

  • Great for testing results across environments (DEV-TEST-UAT-QA-PROD). Thanks, Steve.

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