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  • Thank you, Steve, for an excellent editorial post. Burnout is something I'm sure several of us have dealt with.

    FYI to everyone. The link Steve gave to measuring your level of burnout is on a website with a domain name of MindTools.com. I went there briefly to see what it was about. At the moment I don't have the time to look at it closely, so can't say much about it. But one thing is as a new person to the site I'm allowed only 3 free articles. Looks like it's some sort of subscription service; don't know what it costs. I'll plan on my second visit to take the 15 questionnaire. Plan accordingly.


  • Great article but, having been there and done that, be REALLY careful that you don't (as my Grandmother used to say) "Jump from fat to fire" (reference to a cast iron skillet cooking over open flame).

    I've only done it once but quitting a bad job environment can quickly get worse if you're not super careful and jump to a worse environment.  Even being super careful might not be enough because the people I was involved with in such a leap flat out lied.  It's even more difficult to ascertain "the truth" in these remote times.

    You might also do what everyone should do whether you're planning a move or not... have a "war chest" of readily available cash in a savings or checking account somewhere.  Cash that you will never touch and never rely on except if you're out of work and have run out of all other resources.  While we might feel comfortable in quickly getting another job, it's MUCH better do deal with a sense of power so that you don't take a new job just because your kids need to eat... have a year's worth saved up.  Make it a goal and do it.  I've actually been saving so that I have at least two years saved up (went through that desperation thing once and it led to a bad job).

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Burnout is a very important topic; thanks for writing about it. For some strange reason, I have observed that men tend to get burnt out more than women. Perhaps, we throw ourselves at work and try to live up to the perceived standards of a responsible man. Or perhaps, women are incredibly stronger beings.

    It's great to read how you tackled your situation Steve, and managed to turn things around. I believe the first step in solving a problem is acknowledging and accepting the problem. I had been good at ignoring problems and putting up a face. As I have gotten older, I care less about what others think and more about what makes me happy. Rewarding oneself and mixing it up are vital. It's hard to let something overwhelm us if we are doing different things. As the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life.


  • Excellent article, very interesting linked articles too.

    What do people do to come back from burnout? Asking for a friend

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