Best way to learn T-SQL for MS SQL Server?

  • Hello Everyone,

    At work, I've been getting more involved with hosting and database stuff. I currently do some very minor admin work with my limited SQL knowledge from college 11 years ago, but I'd like to expand my abilities in this area. It's all Microsoft SQL Server, so apparently it's Transact-SQL.

    As someone who went to school for programming, but never ended up working as a programmer, what books or web sites would you recommend for me to get acquainted with T-SQL? I'm looking for more of an introductory-level resource, which can prepare me for something more advanced once I'm comfortable. To give you an idea of my current knowledge and understanding, I struggle with understanding JOINs, and wouldn't be able to write my own stored procedure.

    Thanks very much.

  • If you have difficulty understanding joins you may want to start with a basic general SQL tutorial:

    If you want to learn t-sql you can read Itzik Ben-Gan's books. Maybe start with:

    If you are interested in production DBA work, Brent Ozar has an outline DBA training plan:

  • "Best way to learn T-SQL for MS SQL Server"?

    Start at the beginning.  See the following link with the understanding that it does cover more than just T-SQL and some of the functionality is not available in T-SQL  It's one of the best "start here" tutorials that I've found.

    A bit of a warning... UPDATE in T-SQL is quite different than some of the other database engines and the tutorial does NOT cover that (Joined Updates/Updating one table from another).

    Also, if you want to see a list of what's in SQL Server, they have a list on the left size if you scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.


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