ACID Properties

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  • Nice question and good information for data professionals to understand.

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  • This question is good for interviews :).


  • Durable temporary object. Nice idea.

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  • Good question - hadn't really thought about it until now

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  • Nice question. It wasn't overly difficult, but still made you think.



  • Hmm, never really thought about ACID properties vis-a-vis tempdb: a transaction is a transaction, right? 😉

    Fortunately, the "durable" choice screamed at me "Yo! You think I'll still have your precious data on the next server restart, dog?"

    Nice question: easy, but only after I had to think a bit.


  • Thanks for the question

  • ugh... I always outthink myself, I was sure about durable, but I thought that atomic was also violated since table variables are stored in TempDB but don't participate fully in the transaction even if they are refferenced or modified durring the transaction.

  • tks & good question

    stewartc-708166 (9/7/2011)

    Good question.

    However, there is an error in the referenced article.

    the attributes of ACID are atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (during concurrent data operations);

    the article states atomicity, concurrency, isolation, and durability

    Good catch Stewart. I had to go back and read it to believe it! Obviously we are not surprised over the lack of "consistency" in BOL are we?!? :hehe: 😎 😛

  • Nice queston. Thanks

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  • A Good question.

    But I thinl it might have been a better question if some extra options (pairs of ACID properties) had been provided, to give people an improved chance of getting it wrong.


  • 🙂 Yes You are right. I would have done that. Thanks for the feedback.

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