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  • I'd like to be a snow plough - pushing arrogant drivers off the road!

  • What kind of car/truck are you? Not what do you drive today, but what you be if you were a vehicle?

    A bobcat (skidsteer loader) perhaps with Mecanum wheels. Agile and responsive, gets the job done rapidly with minimal friction. Of course if you ask people around me they may tell you the latter part is complete balderdash.

    I have a fairly utilitarian Zafira, as my main ride. However when possible my preferred ride is my adored Tricross Sport, which makes me joyously happy. Cars do not compare even slightly - don't knock me off please Mr Snowplough!

  • I'd be a Mazda RX-8 - unconventional. And a bit leaky. 😀

    Currently drive a Ford Focus, but will be buying the Mazda as soon as I can!

  • hmm... retrofitted jaguar e-type

    classic understated style with all the modern conveniences:-)

    I don't drive but we currently have a black renault clio gt (named cliopatra) after finally getting rid of our elderly ford focus (named focusina)

  • I'd be a Panelvan or pickup, something a janitor needs, cause I need to sort out problems.

    I drive a 318i BMW.

  • I'd be an Audi A4. Dependable, multi-functional, but with a cartain amonut of style.

    Currently drive either our VW Beetle or the Ford S-Max (MPV) - depends on who is doing the school / club / taxi runs for the kids.

  • Ford Escape Hybrid - Big enough for Scout trips, but easier on the environment.

    Today I drove our GMC Acadia, when the wife is not out and about I drive our green Scion xB, license plate "TREFROG".

    Livin' down on the cube farm. Left, left, then a right.

  • I'd be a Tank - Riding roughshod over Developers 😛

    Currently Driving a Citroen C1 😉

  • A McLaren MP4-12C or a Bugatti Veyron. Failing those, Jeremy Clarkson's job on Top Gear.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride. -- Hunter S. Thompson

  • I'd definitely be a solid, dependable, four-door sedan.

    Currently drive a Mercedes-Benz E320, before that a Camry

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

  • Mater.

  • i be a sleek jaguar, stylish and functional and reliable.

    i currently drive a VW Passat, rated the safest sedan in its body style it's fun and safe!

  • I think (right now) I'd probably be a Ford Crown Victoria. Rugged, dependable, keeps on going no matter what crap gets thrown at it...

    Why do you think the Crown Vic is used as a police cruiser / taxi in so many areas?

    As for my daily driver, it's a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T with the Hemi. Big enough for long drives, with enough horsepower for fun.


  • I'd be a Ford Taurus SHO. Understated, but plenty of speed needed.

    BTW- I drive a 91 Ford Taurus SHO...

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