A Day in the Life of an Advocate

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  • Hi Steve - you certainly communicate well

    I personally wouldn't major in English simply because its is my native language and that alone embeds me adequately in the subject.  I would not be embedded in most technical subjects if not for active study. My wife is a translator and for language learners getting as good as a native speaker is considered the peak of professionalism.

    I concur however that as a soft skill communication and how you interact with others is as important as technical skills to achieving your goals. I really don't know how you study that kind of thing its self awareness and interacting with others . Its still something I struggle with today. Read widely , I  set myself challenging personal work goals (which I tell no one about ) when I have slack to prepare myself for times when deadlines are pressing and I try to do preparatory work as well to head off issues that I don't think mgmt has seen. Regards voluntary work not being ultimately responsible but trying to help improves skills in dealing with difficult situations and gives you practice in tackling difficult tasks that have no clear guidance. Teaching people is one of the best methods for me of learning stuff. They ask questions you can't avoid and the act of teaching reinforces the subject for me. Miles cheaper for me than taking courses I always recommend trying to answer the odd question in forums for same reason.


  • Hi Steve, you do communicate well. I've learned a lot from you over the years. And when you were on sabbatical it was great to learn from Kathi, Kendra and Grant as well. The four of you do a tremendous job. Thank you, all!


  • I agree with the others.  Even before you joined RedGate, you communicated on this site very well.  Thank you for what you've done and what you do.

    And I also agree... communication is really important, not just in the world of IT (although especially there), but in all aspects of life.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Thanks, all. I do try, as do my fellow advocates. It's a great job, and I hope we continue to do it for a long time.

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