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I'm sure than many of you have some sort of backup scheme at home, you burn CDs, copy files to an external HDD, something. I've been looking for something else since I've filled up a few HDDs, subsequently deleted stuff from my machines, and I'm worried. The Windows Home Server is my choice, and as soon as I get my new machine working and configured, I'm going to install this on the old desktop and see how well it works. If it doesn't, I'm not looking forward to copying that stuff onto some other device like a Drobo.

In researching Home Server, I saw a blog post about how RAID was a bad idea for a home network. It's complicated to manage and requires drives to be the same size, which can be a problem for someone at home. Since we rarely buy drives, and then we tend to buy them one at a time, matching sizes and speeds can be an issue.

So for this Friday's poll, I thought I'd take a break from the DBA work and ask you:

Do you use RAID at home?

I'm sure most of you do some work at home, and you may have your own pet programming projects that you have spent significant time on. Many of you blog, write, build presentations, and have quite a bit of investment of time in those items. That's not even mentioning the most important things: those candid photographs you've snapped of a spouse, or a child's birthday, plus the hours that you've spent ripping CDs from your collections of yesteryear.

Our data is important to us, and we want to be sure it's backed up and protected. So far I have 6 USB drives with various data spread around the house, some of them duplicating others, but I've decided to move to the Home Server model and their Drive-safe technology.

I'm curious what the rest of you think and what you use.

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