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The other day I was working along and realized that the way I was working was something that I couldn't have done 20 years ago. And actually, one technology had made me way, way more productive over the last 4-5 years than in before that.

That technology was the wireless network. I can move my laptop from the bedroom (where it wakes up) to the basement for shooting podcasts to the kitchen for cooking dinner with kids. It travels with me on the road, I've parked in front of a Starbucks to get quick wi-fi access from my car and I've had it at Paradise Bakery while eating lunch to read or work a little. I've written parts of 4 books on various laptops, in various locations around Denver, grabbing access to information online. I've even tweeted from the slopes while snowboarding using the wi-fi access in the resorts and my iTouch.

I've been way more productive as a DBA and writer because of wireless networking. I don't have to be tethered to any location and I'm sure before long I'll have a permanent WiMax connection from my wireless machines from almost anywhere.

We constantly march along, getting new platforms, tools, inventions that help us to be more productive and that change the way we work. Or play, or do any number of things. For this Friday, I have a technology poll for you:

What technology has really improved your efficiency?

I'm primarily speaking of work here. Is it the cell phone? Wi-Fi? VPNs? Something else that has made you more productive than you were before? I'm curious to see what might really be helping the DBAs and developers out there to get more done with less.

We're all asked to do that regularly and your answer just might help a fellow SQL Server professional find a little more balance in their life.

Steve Jones

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