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I wrote recently about the value of your career, and your education, and what that's worth. I think it's worth something, and I hope that others take the same viewpoint, and look to invest in themselves. The investment you make might be different than the next person, and to a large extent it depends on where you are in your career and what your goals are.

For this Friday, I wanted to take the temperature of the readers out there with regard to their career. The poll I have in mind is:


Do you need to invest in your career, even if your company doesn't?

It seems training budgets get slashed all the time, but do you think that it's necessary for you to invest time, money, or both in your own education and knowledge to advance your career. Let us know why or why not.

I'm fortunate that my employer supports education, and they are more than willing to invest in training for me. But I don't think that they bear the entire responsibility. I need to take time outside of work, and perhaps spend some money, to grow my career.

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