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SQL Monitor 11.0: Monitor SQL Servers hosted on Amazon RDS

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We’ve just released SQL Monitor 11.0, and for this latest version we partnered with Amazon AWS to let you monitor SQL Severs hosted on Amazon RDS. You can monitor these alongside your on-premises and other cloud-based servers, instances, and databases, giving you visibility in a single pane of glass. Version 11.0 also introduces new advanced tempdb monitoring metrics, and significant performance improvements.


Monitoring Amazon RDS SQL Servers with SQL Monitor v11

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SQL Monitor v11 introduces native support for SQL Server instances hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS) platform. In this post we'll explore the metrics you need to keep an eye on with Amazon RDS SQL Server monitoring, how a monitoring tool will help you manage the process of migrating databases to the Amazon cloud, as well as measures its success, and how SQL Monitor allows you to monitor all your SQL Server instances, wherever they are hosted, through a single pane of glass.


Create a Feedback Loop between Devs and DBA Teams with Monitoring

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With remote working still encouraged around the world, there is a need to ensure that operations teams have full visibility of your estate, not just your production servers. If your engineering teams have access to secure development and testing servers, deployment issues are caught before they reach production. Find out how to keep communication flowing between DBA and development teams in this free whitepaper. Read the whitepaper here.



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