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DevOps as a bludgeon

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With both personal experience and the real world evidence to back it up, Grant Fritchey says, unequivocally, a well-implemented DevOps process helps the organization. But it's not always easy to bridge a siloed organization, and sometimes organizations adopt DevOps for the wrong reasons.


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How do you monitor your databases? Take the survey!

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Calling data professionals! We want to know how you are monitoring your servers, instances and databases. By taking the 2021 State of Database Monitoring survey, you’ll help us better understand how the community monitor and manage their estates, and the challenges they face. You’ll get exclusive early access to the 2021 State of Database Monitoring report, plus, one lucky winner will receive a $500 Amazon gift card in our prize draw.


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Tell us about how you monitor your databases

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The 2021 State of Database Monitoring survey is now open, and we want to know how you’re currently tackling your server, instance, and database monitoring. By taking part, you’ll contribute to the sole industry-wide report on database monitoring, and provide insights into how SQL Server professionals manage their estates and what challenges they face. Plus, you’ll receive an advanced copy of the report and entry to a prize draw to win a $500 Amazon voucher.



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