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Model Based Testing at Red Gate

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Phil Scrace, a test engineer at Red Gate, talks about adopting Model Based Testing (MBT), a technique that combines graph theory and code writing to help keep pace with frequently changing functionality.


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Generating Data for Database Tests

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It is more and more essential for developers to work on development databases that have realistic data in both type and quantity, but without using real data. It isn't exactly easy, even with third-party tools to hand. Phil Factor shows how it can be done, taking the classic PUBS database and giving it a more realistic set of data.


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SQL Server Unit Testing with tSQLt

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When one considers the amount of time and effort that Unit Testing consumes for the Database Developer, is surprising how few good SQL Server Test frameworks are around. tSQLt , which is open source and free to use, is one of the frameworks that provide a simple way to populate a table with test data as part of the unit test, and check the results with what should be expected. Sebastian Meine and Dennis Lloyd, who created tSQLt, explain


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Rotating a Certificate Used by TDE


In terms of encryption, Key Rotation is the process of replacing your encryption keys...

Daily Coping 3 Feb 2023


Today’s coping tip is to ask other people about things they’ve enjoyed recently I...

Daily Coping 2 Feb 2023


Today’s coping tip is to challenge negative thoughts and look for the upside. I’m...

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