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Scheduling Jobs in SQL Server Express

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As we all know SQL Server 2005 Express is a very powerful free edition of SQL Server 2005. However it does not contain SQL Server Agent service. Because of this scheduling jobs is not possible. So if we want to do this we have to install a free or commercial 3rd party product. This usually isn't allowed due to the security policies of many hosting companies and thus presents a problem. Maybe we want to schedule daily backups, database reindexing, statistics updating, etc. This is why I wanted to have a solution based only on SQL Server 2005 Express and not dependent on the hosting company. And of course there is one based on our old friend the Service Broker.


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SQL Server 2005 Express Edition - Part 20 - Authenticating Merge Web Synchronization

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We have been discussing SQL Server 2005 Express Edition replication-specific features, investigating authentication mechanisms that are available in order to accommodate connection attempts from remote clients interacting with SQL Server-based distributor via Internet Information Services. We will continue coverage of this topic here.


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