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SQL Monitor Performance Metric: SQL Server: Plan Cache: Cache Pages Total

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This metric collects the total amount of memory, in kilobytes, used by the plan cache of an instance to help identify memory pressure or plan cache pollution. It is similar to the SQL Server: memory manager: SQL cache memory counter, but instead of providing the number of 8-kilobyte pages that make up the plan cache, it provides the total memory used.


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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Percentage of Free Log Space

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This metric measures the percentage of free space for transaction log files (LDF files). You’ll find this useful if your SQL Server has limited capacity, so you need to maximize existing disk space utilization by minimizing unused space. It will also alert you if the amount of free space drops below the specified thresholds.


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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Large Transaction Log Files

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If the transaction log autogrows rapidly, it can suggest that log backups are not being carried out frequently enough, or another resource may be preventing the log from truncating. This metric measures the number of transaction log files that are greater than 10 GB. The associated alert is raised when the number of files exceeds a specified threshold.


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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Untrusted Foreign Keys

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A foreign key points to a primary key that must exist in another table, for example, column X in Table 1 must also be present in Table 2. The key protects this link, and only valid data can be inserted in the foreign key column. An untrusted foreign key may threaten a database’s referential and data integrity.


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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Untrusted Check Constraints

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This metric returns the number of check constraints that have their is_not_trusted flag set to 1 in the sys.check_constraints table. Untrusted constraints force SQL Server to construct less efficient query plans, because it doesn’t know enough about the kind of data contained in the table. This can point to a data integrity issue which should be investigated.


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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Issues found by sp_Blitz

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This custom metric adds Brent Ozar's popular SP_Blitz scripts to Red Gate SQL Monitor. It looks for configuration, security, health and performance problems, and reports back with a list of issues for you to look into. It’s great for quickly understanding the state of a server you've been asked to look after.


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Free Webinar: Monitoring your business, not just your servers – Getting the most out of SQL Monitor

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Wednesday July 25 2012, 6:00pm BST: Learn how you can use SQL Monitor to gather information and alert on extra performance data for your servers and applications, making this tool vital for keeping an eye on your business. In this free webinar David Bick, Product Manager at Red Gate, will give you an overview of SQL Monitor including the new custom metric functionality in v3.

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