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RE: DTS disconnected edit: The system cannot find the file specified

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Disconnected edit will check the connections in the package before the dialog opens. You probably have a connection that references a file that can't be found. Maybe a UDL file or something?Why do you need to use disconnected edit? The "Properties" and "Workflow Properties" dialogs for the ActiveXScript task should give you all you need. 


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DateTime Conversion

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I currently, have a field in a table that is a numeric field = 20030104 - I need to convert this to a date field = 01/04/2003 - what is the proper syntax for use in a select statement?Note that I am creating a table and I tried to change the field type to datetime, […]


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RE: SQL getting slower and slower

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I second Allen's questions.   And yes, the hyperthreading is the reason for the 4 cpu's in task manager.When I first took this job I had a server do the same thing.  They were restarting it to get it going again.  You probably have a bottleneck somewhere.  It could be caused by hitting the knee in […]


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RE: Spilt string into seperate fields

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Phill,Some inline views may help simplify it:select     Account,     Address1 = substring(address, 1, delimpos1-1),     Address2 = substring(address, delimpos1+1, delimpos2-delimpos1-1),     Address3 = substring(address, delimpos2+1, delimpos3-delimpos2-1),     Address4 = substring(address, delimpos3+1, delimpos4-delimpos3-1),     Address5 = substring(address, delimpos4+1, address_len-delimpos4) from (     select *, delimpos4=charindex(';', address, delimpos3+1)     from (         select *, delimpos3=charindex(';', address, […]


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RE: Syntax problems

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Hi Lars,Below is the corrected syntax.declare @UnitWeight as Real,@fVal as Realset @UnitWeight = 1set @fVal=0SELECT @fVal=SUM(isnull(FVALUE,0))  from ITEMSET @UnitWeight = @fVal Pls check it out.Nitin 



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