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Generate documents from SQL Server

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Automating population of SQL Server data into Word and PDF document templates for contracts, invoices,letters etc. creation saves thousands of hours for businesses. This article explores various approaches and offers few suggestions on how to choose the best approach for your requirements.

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Crazy Query

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How do I go about taking two tables from two databases (with same column names) and make it look like one table? I need to do this with a query and not moving data from one db to another. HELP!!!!Database1 ID LastName FirstName 1 Lee Terry 2 Something Anything Database2 ID LastName FirstName 1 Smith […]


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RE: SQL 2K on win 2003

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What do the last few lines of your sqlstp.log report? It should be in %SYSTEMROOT%. You can go from SQL Server 2000 RTM (the CD) straight to SP3 without applying the others.... the Service Packs are cumulative.As for the initial question, we're running Win2K3/SQL2KSP3 Active/Active. Experiencing some issues with distributed transactions and MS DTC, but we're […]



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