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BuiltIN Administrator Account

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We typically revoke the sysadmin role from this account on our instances but I'm running into a problem doing this when I have a Cluster.It appears that the cluster services require this role.Has anyone determined a way around this?thks   


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RE: Licensing sql2k ent

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Please anyone correct me if I am wrong.I assume that you are using HypherThread since you are talking about logical CPU. Then, first, I'd like to know what is the O/S that you are using. This is from MSFT white paper about O/S.  2-way 4-way8-wayWindows Server ProductPhysicalLogicalPhysicalLogicalPhysicalLogicalWindows 2000 Server2444n/an/aWindows 2000 Advanced Server 244888Windows 2000 Datacenter […]


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RE: silly oracle query error( a headache)

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Well ... thanks!  I don't usually lose my patience with people, and I feel stupid for tooting my own horn, but I was a little frustrated with Sukhoi.  Thanks for helping me calm down!  By the way, the following Oracle snippet ...SELECT ... FROM ...,INTERMEDIARY,CODE_VALUE A,CODE_VALUE B,... Where ...     AND INTERMEDIARY.INTERMEDIARY_TYPE(+)=A.CODE_VALUE_ID     AND INTERMEDIARY.OWNERSHIP(+)=B.CODE_VALUE_ID     […]


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RE: Question of the Day for 03 Sep 2004

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Exactly. The question should read "over 2 billion objects".  The thing the documentation doesn't indicate is whether or not that includes the system objects.  I guess when you are talking about billions, a couple hundred don't matter.  Just curious though.


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RE: Granting execute permissions

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You should verfiy if you use returnAverages in your scripts. It may be a stored procedure you forgot to script. Look for the procedure on the original server and create it also on the new server ... I did not find it on my servers, so it is not a standard procedure. When reading "the […]


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RE: complicated problem

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you could set up your oracle server as a linked server in SQL you can then create a view in your SQL server that does the join for you. ou can then just connect to the SQL server from ASP and load the recordset


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RE: Help using Activx Task to modify Lookup Query

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I tried the same thing myself. I ran into no issues. The only difference was I did not build the SQL string I created a static string.I suggest adding a MsgBox statement for debugging to determine the point the package is dying at exactly.Also add "Option Explicit" at the begining of the ActiveX script to […]


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RE: Moving System Databases

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You will need to edit the registry.  HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\ParametersChange the SQLArg0 to reflect the new path and file name of the master data file.Change the SQLArg1 to reflect the new path for your error logsChange the SQLArg2 to reflect the new path  for the master log fileSQL Server should start although it probably would have been […]



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