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RE: Whois lookup from stored procedure

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To extend on Steve, here's a code snippet that might give you some ideasset nocount on declare @ip varchar(255), @cmd varchar(100) set @cmd = 'ping ' + HOST_NAME() create table #temptb (grabfield varchar(255)) insert into #temptb exec master.dbo.xp_cmdshell @cmd select @ip = substring(grabfield,  charindex('[',grabfield)+1, charindex(']',grabfield)-charindex('[',grabfield)-1) from #temptb  where left(grabfield,7) = 'Pinging' print @ip drop table […]


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DTS and Oracle

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Is it possible to retrieve data from an Oracle database (using DTS) without installing an Oracle client at the SQL-Server database-server ?It works fine whit the Oracle client installed; but we would like to avoid the installation of Oracle-stuff on our SQL-Server database-server. 


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