MSSQL Analysis Services - Attribute Member Names

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Business Intelligence Architect Bill Pearson continues his exploration of Attribute Members, in another member of a subseries surrounding significant components of the Analysis Services dimensional model. In this article we examine the attribute member Name property, whose appropriate use is important to good model design and overall system performance.


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Basic Set Functions: The BottomCount() Function, Part I

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Isolate worst / lowest performers from the member population at large, and perform sophisticated analysis with BottomCount(). Join MSAS Architect Bill Pearson in the first of a pair of articles focusing upon the powerful BottomCount() function, where we experience “hands-on” some of the possible ways it can offer multi-perspective decision support.


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Replicate permissions to new Login/User with dbatools


Continuing to share tips and tricks using dbatools like the Refresh databases that belongs...

SQL Server Sample Databases


[MSSQLFUN & Decode ITeS becomes a family of 1500 individuals across the globe. Please...

Using WAITFOR to Test Slow Code–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

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