Script to show user indexes tables(Sql 2000)

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This script is supported only in SQL SERVER 2000, This shows only indexes created by users in tables.Parameter @tabela--> You can put the table name and get the information about users indexes in this table.OrYou can put nothing (NULL) and see all tables on the schema and how many indexes each table have.

2004-09-10 (first published: )

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Drop Indexes

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This script drop all indexes from table, including Primary Key contraint. First it del nonclustered indexes, then clustered and at last - drops PK contraint. This scirpt is useful, when you need drop all indexes, like when doing ETL process.

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Stabilize Index

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This sp is used to update index in a database.  This sp has got three optional varchar parameters.  First parameter will take the tablename. Second parameter will take the indexname.  Third parameter will take the fillfactor.  The following option we can execute the sp in a user database.1.    exec StabilizeIndexIt will update all index in […]

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