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Controlling Growth of an msdb Database

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I recently encountered a situation where the drive hosting Sharepoint Databases in a Staging environment ran out of space. I logged onto the server and found that the msdb database has itself occupied 38 GB of the total disk space. Msdb database generally contain maintenance information for the database such as backups, log shipping and so on.


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converting to datetime data type

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year=2005 Month=5 day=27 time=9:30I have these values with me and I wanted to convert this to a datetime field.SELECT CAST(year AS varchar)+'-'+CAST(month AS varchar)+'-'+CAST(day AS varchar)+' '+CAST(time as varchar)+':'+'00'  FROM tabI am trying to convert this into datetime by using the above quesry.But I wanted to convert month 5 as as 05 and time 9:30 […]


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RE: dev's using sa on production - help

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I had a similar problem and the same discussion. In the end I reached a compromise which was to take away the use of sa by changing the password and not telling anyone and agreeing that in time they software suppliers may need sysadmin on the box but and I would have to agree with […]


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RE: A Brief History of SQL

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More of the topic in: Without Codd's (, Ellison ( will not be flying his jets by now.. What do you think of his GRID computing?


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