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RE: Missing Daigrams

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I too am having problems with VB6 SP6, not with SQL Server, just with VB6 in general.  Seems to be a little more unstable than it usually is.I am only running MDAC 2.7 and not 2.8.  So maybe it has something to do with VB SP6?I have searched numerous SQL Server websites and everything in […]


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Percent Complete

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Is there a way to determine the status of a Job?  I know I can find if it is running or not, but is there a way to know what percentage is complete?  It can be within Enterprise Manager or a 3rd party product.Thanks, Dave


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RE: How to setup the MS SQL Server 2K security...

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Hello. One possibility is to use a stored procedure for the more sensitive roles. A stored procedure can have more rights than the User executing it, and the stored procedure can be used to ensure appropriate use (assuming individual users can be identified, User A only can create tables on database A). Everett



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Daily Coping 25 Nov 2022


Today’s coping tip is to connect with someone from a different generation. This tip...

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