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RE: Indexes

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dbcc showcontig will show you all the indexes, and even which ones should be rebuilt.  Based on the results of showcontig, you can then use dbcc dbreindex or dbcc indexdefrag to rebuild the indexes.  Steve


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RE: Relplace all but a-zA-Z0-9

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Just wondering... Instead of deleting those "undesirable" characters, could we replace with a character of our choice?  Hum.... how about replacing each undesirable character with another one (if defined) otherwise replaced with a common character ('') 


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RE: QOD Jan 6 2004

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From BOL:<Quote>The WHERE and HAVING clauses in a SELECT statement control the rows from the source tables that are used to build the result set. WHERE and HAVING are filters. They specify a series of search conditions, and only those rows that meet the terms of the search conditions are used to build the result […]



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