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sql7sp4-server (winnt4sp6a) to much paged

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Can anyone help me with this one. I'm trying to determine why this sql7sp4-server (winnt4sp6a) is eating op more than 900Mb VM (560MbMemusage).This gradualy grows, but I cannot determine why. There are no open transactions.(Maybe cut and paste this back in notepad) ** syscacheobjects -- prepared objects ** **-------------------------------------** bucketid    cacheobjtype      objtype  objid       dbid   uid    refcounts   […]


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RE: updating data

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How exactly does using NOT EXISTS make it more robust? (Im not saying your wrong, just like to understand it ;)) If riding in a plane is flying, then riding in a boat must be swimming. To experience the element, get out of the vehicle. Skydive!



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