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So You Need to Expose JSON Endpoints

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Even the most experienced programmers can be caught out unawares by software they've used for years without trouble. Dino Esposito explains why and how the JSON method in an ASP.NET MVC controller class suddenly started to cause an exception on a production server, and how he fixed the problem.


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Truncate Log File

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Hi all,I have written a program using vb6 and SQL 2000. The program run day by day and it make the log file of DB growth suprisingly, I have try to reduce the size of log file by backup the log file but i am not successful, please advise me how to divide the log […]


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RE: Standards for Backup

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You can archive the catalogs (into cab files) and then back these up (this archive can be done manually or via a commandline tool), or alternatively backup the data files that are on disk (ie within the data directory) but when doing this you must ensure that you back up the repository at the same […]


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RE: Error 22022: SQLServerAgent Error:

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Does the error message show a job name or a long string of characters that is the ID of the job? If it is the latter then it may be that you have made changes to the job since it was scheduled. When you schedule a job using Enterprise Manager it uses the ID of […]


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RE: Re: SQL2K SQL2K silent installation

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Where did you hear from that unattended install only supports per-seat licensing mode? There is a known issue with unattended install using pre-processor licensing. See Q273769 - FIX: SQL Server Setup May Fail If You Select Per Processor Licensing Mode (http://support.microsoft.com/?id=273769) So, if there is a fix for it, my guess is that using unattended […]



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