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Database Mirroring adjusting the automatic failover time

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One of the configuration options for Database Mirroring is the High Availability mode. With this option three servers are put in place the principal, mirror and witness servers. This is the only option that allows for automatic failover. One of the things that I have noticed is that when there are periodic network issues a failover occurs even though there are no issues with the Principal server. Are there any options to delay the failover?


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Database Mirroring Automating Failover for Multiple Databases

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Database Mirroring was released with SQL Server 2005 and is becoming a popular choice for a failover solution. One of the big issues with Database Mirroring is that the failover is tied to one database, so if there is a database failure the mirrored server takes over for this one database, but all other databases remain functional on the primary server.


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