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An Alert Philosophy

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Many of you reading this will be responsible in some way for managing a system. This might be a test/development system or a production one, but often you want to know how well the system is working. Or maybe you want to know if the system is working at all. Even developers care if their […]

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Execute SQL Scripts via SQLCMD on Multiple SQL Servers and Save Output as CSV Files

  • DatabaseWeekly

As a part of SQL Server production support and day to day tasks we usually come across situations where we get requests to run a T-SQL script against multiple servers. Sometimes the request is to not only to run the script, but save the output too

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5 Questions to Ask When You Upgrade SQL Server

  • DatabaseWeekly

Whether you’re looking to go cutting-edge and hop on SQL Server 2019 as soon as it’s available, or whether you’re just trying to evacuate from SQL Server 2008 to anything that’s going to be supported after this summer, you’re probably doing upgrade projects. This is a good time to ask yourself 5 questions...

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FDD 2023 – Session Materials


You can find the slides for my session at Future Data Driven summit at...

Quick Filtering in SSMS–#SQLNewBlogger


I saw someone limit the databases they see in SSMS, which isn’t something I...

Penetration Testing your SQL Server, Part 1 – The Recon Mission


Since witnessing a rather nasty cyber attack around a year ago, I’ve been thinking...

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