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RE: Problem with delete query across two databases

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Is column oid indexed in database 1 ? If so, it might run better as an EXISTS subquery:DELETE FROM database2.dbo.transactions del WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM database1.dbo.transactions TR WHERE del.oid = TR.oid)Also, are there any foreign key constraints that reference the table being deleted from ? That can seriously impact performance if SqlServer has to ensure […]


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Maintenance plans

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We have Veritas' Backupexec running in our Enterprise and the Veritas Install actually installs MS SQL Server MSDN on each Server in the Enterprise. It looks like it also sets up a default Maintenance plan within each of the MSDN Instances. I guess my question is.. Can I manage the Maintenance Plans on these MSDN […]



Hyperconverged storage tuning tip for SQL Server


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Daily Coping 25 Nov 2022


Today’s coping tip is to connect with someone from a different generation. This tip...

Snowflake Classic UI vs Snowsight


This blog post is not about which User Interface is better, Classic or Snowsight...

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