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New Centralized View of SQL Resources in Azure


Yesterday, some new views were made available in the Azure portal that will be...

Letter To My Father


We spread my Fathers ashes over the past weekend. It was one of the...

My Organizer's Notes and Goodbye after #SQLSatBR 2019


Some 2019 tips for other SQLSat organizers from my last year as lead organizer...

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AOAG Secondary Checkdb

By Super Cat

I'm looking into setting up a AOAG with a DR server which will have...

sp_executesql with multiple parameters

By Scott In Sydney

I'm trying to write a stored procedure that will select the entire table if...

SQL Server 2016 Archive Strategy advice.

By destino

Greetings. I’m after some advice. I’m helping a colleague with a SQL Server 2016...

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