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RE: Storing arrays in SQL.

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My guesstimates are that this database, including indexes, will already amount to 1/2 terrabyte in size. Now if I included that schema for coping with arrays, god knows what size it will reach. With some tables with an estimated 500,000 records, that will then need 1,000,000 records in an array table at least. Database sizes […]


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RE: need help -Stored Procedure -Incorrect syntax

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OK i workig 100% thnks a little question how can i add more filed to update like ---------------- @Fname [nvarchar](50),@fld1 [smalldatetime], @fld2 [int], ----------------------- i wont to learn the method --------------------------- declare @na varchar(500), @sisi int, @mmh char(10) set @sisi='2' set @mmh='uuu' select @na = @na + cast([na] as varchar) + ',' FROM [vsisi] UPDATE […]



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