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Manual cleanup Change Data Capture for a SQL Server database

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Kun Lee had a database where the log file kept growing and used 99.99% of the available space. He noticed miscellaneous change data capture objects still in the database as well as open transactions. This was causing his transaction log to continue to grow, but he couldn't disable CDC, because SQL Server thought it was not enabled. Read the full article to see his solution.


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RE: Update Using A Subqury

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In the select statement I changed the table name where your retrieving the date.Thanks Again  UPDATE AE SET AE.count_fact = dtCounts.count_fact FROM #tmp_ar_exception AE INNER JOIN ( SELECT DISTINCT #tmp_ar_exception.dt_id, COUNT(F_AR_Detail.date_id) AS count_fact FROM #tmp_ar_exception LEFT OUTER JOIN F_AR_Detail ON #tmp_ar_exception.dt_id = F_AR_Detail.date_id GROUP BY #tmp_ar_exception.dt_id ) dtCounts on AE.dt_id = dtCounts.dt_id    


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RE: Aye Yi Yi

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Fair enough, Farrell.  I too am quite skeptical everytime I hear that 'the xyz worm caused a bazillion dollars worth of damage to the industry' or whenever I hear whatever the media 'caution du jor' happens to be.  I mean, I'm supposed to use plastic and duct tape to protect my house in the event […]



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