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RE: Best Practices for Database Design

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I, for one don't care what the iso standard says, they are wrong.  A table does not represent a set of entities.  Tables represent a single predicate function.  So the Employee table with the following attributes:EmpNo, FirstName, LastName, DeptNo, Address,...MEANS literally "Employee (EmpNo) has a first name of (FirstName), a last  name of (LastName), works […]


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RE: Applying Password to SA Account

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Brian,Don't forget to turn on your pager after that.People who install SQL server with a blank password tend to use it in the applications for connection strings. Those applications will not be able to connect to the database after you change the password. Be prepared to explain things to them.Another thing: Some (me included) have their Enterprise […]


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RE: 20 % records

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Ah! Thought so when I looked at the code as it did not look like traditional sql server. Unfortunately I have not used Oracle and cannot help you, maybe someone else on the forum can. Sorry I cannot be of more help


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RE: What is starting this backup

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Got to some job that is running it. Could be a job running from somenoe's desk as well (scheduled tasks). Run a trace (profile ) for that time and see what you get. Steve Jones The Best of SQL Server 2002 -


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RE: Finding & removing a space from a string

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Now why did the multiple spaces get removed? 'Have___a__Nice_day!' to 'Have_a_nice_day!' When I wrote this originally I was scrubbing some data that had a ton of problems like this. It had been converted by several someone elses before me and they had concatinated a bunch of fields with little to no regard for spacing.


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RE: Sp_Executesql ntext

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Here is a sproc I wrote to handle a similar problem: /* This can execute dynamically generated SQL statements up to approx 156000 chars in length. Since you can't pass this as a variable the proc takes the table and fieldname of a text value to execute. A where statement can be included and should […]


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