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Data modeling is no doubt one of the most important and challenging aspects of developing, maintaining, augmenting and integrating typical enterprise systems. More than 90% of functionality of enterprise systems is centered round creating, manipulating and querying data. It therefore stands to reason that individuals managing enterprise projects should leverage on data modeling to execute their projects successfully and deliver not only capable and cost effective but also maintainable and extendable systems


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Accurate Numeric Identifiers: Using Verhoeff's Method for Check Digits

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Check digits–not to be confused with checksums–are often added to numeric identifiers such as customer and product numbers to reduce the chance of incorrect entries. Sequences of numbers are notoriously easy to mistype, and constraints alone generally won't do the job. In this excellent article, Lynn Fields shows you how to implement the "Cadillac" of check digit methods–the Verhoeff Dihedral Group.


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VIEWS: The Key to Database Agility

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There is an important technique for creating truly agile databases that I haven’t seen in his writings; one which is well-known to DBAs, but little understood in the application development community – the use of database views to create a layer of abstraction between the normalized relational tables and the applications that use the data.


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Understanding Object Ownership

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In SQL Server 2005, object ownership will have a different meaning, but since most of us work with SQL Server 2000, Kathi Kellenberger has written a good introduction to understanding how object ownership works and why you might want to follow certain practices.

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2007-01-05 (first published: )

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A New Way of Thinking

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Every organization both maintains and uses reference data sets within its enterprise. And in many of these organizations, there are standards about the definition and use of that reference data, although sometimes those standards are at best silently understood instead of specifically documented. Yet even in the best governed environment, that reference data is bound to eventually be abused, either through value set perturbation or extended usage expectations.


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Even a cursory inspection of data management practice reveals that the majority of practitioners-–be they novices, or experienced, users or vendors--operate in a “cookbook”, product-specific mode, without really knowing and understanding the fundamental concepts and principles underlying their field, e.g. what data means, what data model, database, DBMS, data independence really are, and so on.


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Using ANSI SQL as a Conceptual Hierarchical Data Modeling

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This paper will explain and show how standard ANSI SQL processors can naturally model and automatically process complex multi-leg hierarchical data structures at a full conceptual hierarchical level. This also means the query user does not need to have structure knowledge of the hierarchical structures involved. The data modeling capability includes dynamically combining logical hierarchical relational and physical XML data structures at a full hierarchical level. This also includes the ability to link below the root of the lower level structure intuitively forming a valid unified hierarchical structure. As will be shown, ANSI SQL’s high level hierarchical data processing allows the flexible conceptual control of hierarchical node promotion, fragment processing, structure transformation, and variable structure creation.


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