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Writing my presentation part 1: The brainstorm/dump


For this session, I’m relying on a mixture of previous blog posts and new material/demos that I’ll have to write. I’ve written three full presentations, and I usually follow the same pattern.

My method for developing a presentation

First, I write down all my ideas. Then I sort through them to tell a coherent story, and find what demos I need to write. Finally, I polish and polish, to get to a point where I’m happy with the presentation. This is not the final copy.

The final copy is created after I practice the presentation and demos until they’re second-nature. That is the most time-consuming part by far, but it gives me confidence when presenting.

My current list of ideas

The session title is Performance Tuning with SQL Server Memory Grants. This has a big influence on what ideas I want to show.

Here’s the list, in no particular order:

  • Include the information on the max size of a memory grant from this blog post
  • Demonstrate problems with big memory grants, specifically RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE waits
  • What does a memory grant do
  • Why is a memory grant requested
  • How do data types and sizes affect the memory grant
  • Consider including information on the “excessive memory grant” warning in execution plans
  • PerfMon counter: Memory Grants Pending
  • Resource governor
  • Currently running queries
  • Small/large semaphores
  • Memory grant hints
  • What operators in execution plans use memory grants
  • Minimum size of a memory grant

Next step

The next step is to work on connecting the ideas to form a story through the presentation. It’s likely that I’ll have to trim that list down, and there’s probably ideas I’ve forgotten.

Please feel free to give feedback as I work on this presentation. Stay tuned!


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