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Where Do I Start with PowerShell?



This morning I set out to get some information about getting started in PowerShell for a coworker. Rather than spend a bunch of time searching for different sites I threw the question out to the SQL Community on Twitter via #SqlHelp. The response was so overwhelming that I decided I at least owed it to the SQL Community to get it all written down.

Thank you to everyone who supplied a link, you are what keeps the SQL Community great!

So here is everything that came in broken out by category:


Aaron Nelson:

Aaron Nelson – PowerShell Links:

Aaron Nelson – Getting Started with PowerShell:

Aaron Nelson – Get More Done With SQLPSX:

Buck Woody – Carpe Datum:

Buck Woody – InformIt:

Buck Woody – Intro to PowerShell Series:

Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog:

Laerte Junior – Great Practical Examples on

Laerte Junior – $hell Your Experience (Portuguese):

Windows PowerShell Blog:



Master-PowerShell with Dr.Tobias Weltner:


Task-Based Guide to PowerShell:

PowerShell Script Center:

Script Center:

Windows PowerShell: Survival Guide:

Applications / GUIs



Midnight DBA PowerShell Videos:

White Papers

Understanding and Using PowerShell Support in SQL Server 2008:


So there you have it, a pretty substantial list of resources to get started in PowerShell.These all look like great resources and I can see I have a ton of reading to do.


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