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Weekly reading #8


Good day! Good week! Let’s start it with some news form the Data Platform world!

SQL Internals – Physical Table Structure under the hood, and implementation on real case scenarios

An article by Ron Ariely where he has summarized a meeting with PASS DBA Virtual Group. A lot of details and deep dive information!

SSIS, Docker, and Windows Containers, Part 1 – Why?

Andy Leonard who is the BIML hero and we know him as SSIS Guru now explains how to add containers and play with docker and SQL Server

The Curious Case of… unstoppable DBCC CHECKDB

Short but interesting case described by Paul Randal. This is the case when a customer wanted to stop the DBCC and the SPID has entered a KILLED/ROLLBACK state and nothing happened next….

Approaching Zero: A Case Study

An interesting case where we are introducing to the concept of near-zero downtime deployments. This is part eight of the series so there is really a lot of reading!

Scale, Standardize, or Normalize with Scikit-Learn

Machine Learning topic – something different than the previous aricles you have found so far here. Important one about data preprocessing. How to normalize features before you actually run the algorithms




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