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Weekly reading #3


New week, new challenges! Great to see you again. We are always here Monday morning! No need to check earlier or later – right at 7:30 am (CET time).

How fast can a $21,468/mo Azure SQL DB load data?

Brent Ozar describes his attempts to migrate data for around 20k$ / month. And he is not so happy… Read why ??

[Tools] The February release of Azure Data Studio is now available

New (refreshed) version of the Azure Data Studio (aka. SQL Operations Studio aka. Project Carbon) is waiting for you! The change log as well as the files are on the project’s github.

[Video] Disable free signups in the Power BI service

Guy In A Cube shows how you can disable free signups for the Power BI service.

[PL] Quo vadis Power BI?

This blog post is in Polish but definitelly worth to read. Pawel explains his point of view on recent changes in Power BI.

Using the Wait Statistics Report in Azure Data Studio

Paul Randal shows how you can enable a report displaying wait stats. We love wait stats so if you have downloaded the newest Azure Data Studio or if you just have it than it is a good idea to extend the tool.

That’s it – should you start the morning peacefully ??




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