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Weekly reading #2


Good morning! It is Monday! We spent the weekend in Kraków taking part in the SQLSaturday #824. It was a great time there and we have met a lot of long time friends there. You will find a post summarizing the event shortly!

Install and run Recognize Text containers

Cognitive Services can be also used from containers. This is a very good news as you still can have the power from this solution in Docker environment! You can find even more readings on that topic here.

Sharing Power BI Reports with Secure Embed code

Reza Rad explains why the new method of sharing the PowerBI reports is better than the previous ones. It is “just” a matter of security.

SQL injection

Do you think SQL injection is no longer your problem? You are wrong! Hugo knows all about this and shares the knowledge so there is at least a chance you will not be…. injected…


Thomas La Rock shows how to use the Pwdcompare() function to find weak password in your SQL Server. The function has been introduced in SQL Server 2008 (did you know?).

[Video] Code-free data transformation at scale using Azure Data Factory

If you are already tired reading all of the articles above then it is time to hear to Lara Rubbelke and Rob Caron. They show you how to design, build and manage data transformaton process in Azure Data Factory without the need to write any code

[Podcast] SQL Down Under talks to Joe Sack

I always love to hear how Greg Low runs his podcasts. This time he talks to Joe Sack. You can imagine the discussion…. SQL Server 2019, intelligent query processing, mameory grants, batch mode in “regular queries” and this is just how they have started!

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