Using the Microsoft Authenticator app to log into Azure

, 2019-02-25

So I was trying to work on a blog post about the new truncation error this morning and realized I don’t have the version of SQL that I need installed on my machine (SQL 2019). I could (and probably should) install it on my machine at some point, but this morning I decided to be a bit lazy and figured I could easily create an Azure VM with SQL installed or if 2019 isn’t available yet in Azure (I haven’t checked) I could use an Azure SQL DB. Remember that Azure SQL DBs have the latest of everything so I would expect my tests to work there just fine.

I started to log into Azure when I noticed that it had an option to Use the Microsoft Authenticator app instead.

This seemed like a good idea. I always have my phone with me, I’ve never lost it and even though I have a pretty secure password, this seemed better. I clicked on the link and it told me to install Microsoft Authenticator and sign into the app.

Since I use Android and Google Play that’s where I went.

I opened it up on my phone, downloaded the app and when I opened it up it had me log into my Microsoft account. I should point out that it also required that I have a passcode of some type on my phone.

Once all that was done I went back and hit Next to finish the setup for my MS account. Now when I try to use my Microsoft Account (and not just for Azure but anywhere) I do the following:

  1. I enter my Email, Phone or Skype id on the site as normal.
  2. An approval is sent to my phone.
  3. I open phone and approve.
  4. The first time it required I enter the same code as I used to open the phone but that hasn’t happened again.
  5. I’m logged in.


Pretty easy and now I have on less password I have to remember ??

Now that I’m logged in it’s off I go to write my truncation error post.





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