Using SQL Code Guard TFS Checkin Policy with VS2013

sqlcodeguard, 2015-05-11 (first published: 2015-05-02)

To use TFS Checking policy the first thing that you must do – is to add policy to your TFS source control
The process itself is pretty simple

  1. Install SQL Code Guard at target computer. Please remember that you will need to have SCG installed on each computer on which you will do checkin to project with SCG policy enabled.
  2. Register SQL Code Guard with VS – devenv /setup
  1. add checking policy
    1. select TFS collection / project
    2. open menu TEAM -> Team Project Settings -> Source Control
    3. Select Check-in Policy tab
    4. click Add button
    5. select SQLCodeGuard.CheckinPolicy policy and press OK button
    6. Press OK to close “Source control settings” dialog
Now you can try to use/test checkin policy
  1. add (or edit) sql file in TFS
  2. select “Pending changes”
  3. If you didnt placed SQL Code Guard settings file in project directory then you will get message “Unable to find settings”
  4. if there are issues in script file – you will see warning message
You can doubleclick on message and error list window with full set of of issues will appear

Doubleclick on issue will navigate you to location of issue.
That’s all, folks!





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