TSQL Tuesday #59: My Hero, My Inspiration, My Wife

Kenneth Fisher, 2014-10-14

T-SQL Tuesday

TSQL Tuesday is a blog party started by Adam Machanic (b/t) almost 5 years ago. This month Tracey McKibben (b/t) is hosting and wants us to talk about Heroes.

I have to admit this isn’t something I think about much. I have people that I hold up as a professional standard and I guess that counts. But as I thought about this post and who I might consider a hero one person kept coming to mind. My wife.

Now understand, I love my wife, but that has absolutely nothing to do with why I consider her my hero. She is amazingly talented at whatever she puts her hand to, but that isn’t why I consider her my hero.

I will stop a moment here to brag on some of my wife’s accomplishments though.

Here’s our kitchen she designed. The kitchen used to be where the dining room table is now and the current location of the kitchen was a spare bedroom. So this is a brand new kitchen and it was built on a budget. Somewhere between $5-10k in material costs (closer to the $5k I believe). Which if you have ever built a kitchen before is insanely cheep.

Here’s a few samples of cakes she has made over the last few years and I should point out they taste at least as good as they look.


And here’s a painting she did a few months ago.

I will note she is not a professional home designer, cake maker or painter. These are all things she decided she wanted to do. So she did them. That does however begin to touch on my point. She decides to do something, and then she does it. The drive she brings to everything in her life is just astounding. When we were younger I could come home and discover we were half way through rearranging all the furniture in the house. Some of the stuff she moved was difficult for me to budge and I’m quite a bit stronger than she is. She decided one year that an unused space in the back yard would make a great miniature golf course. So guess what? We now have a miniature golf course (4 holes, fairly professional) in our back yard. Her office needed a network set up. So she did some research and set up the network. She needed remote servers set up. So she figured it out and she set them up. And again she is not a computer person particularly.

So here’s the thing. It isn’t about talent (although she is talented). It’s about drive and motivation. My wife is my hero and my inspiration. She inspires me to do more and work harder. It is entirely reasonable for me to say that if it hadn’t been for her I would be a mid-level DBA at the same company I was working for 20 years ago. So if I have to pick someone as a hero you can see why I might pick her. So consider me lucky. I got to marry my hero.

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